Extremely detailed

Keith is extremely detailed and actually cares about his client's needs and wants. Working with him has made home buying less stressful and fun. He never hesistates to answer any questions i have and he is always ready to assist. He has a great personality and I enjoy working with him.

- Satisfied Client

Really informative!

Really informative! Took the pressure and stress of buying a house and made the whole transaction so much easier. On top of that, he was very flexible with my schedule. It was honestly so great to have someone to count on. Thank you Keith!

- Casey J.

Made the entire process simple and easy

Met with Keith, he listened to my needs in a new house. The locations that would work for me, price range that I wanted to pay. He found several properties for us look at the very next day. Keith also would agree with me if the property was not to my expectations, he would say, " I agree, this is not the one, but I will find one for you." A few days later, found a house and bought it. Keith kept me informed throughout the process from signing the contract to being at the closing. Made the entire process simple and easy.

- Satisfied Client

Highly recommend

I would highly recommend you use Keith Viken as your next real estate agent. He spent a lot of time working with me. I was constantly changing what I would like to see in the house. He was very patient with me and kept saying you will be living there, so it needs to be what you want.

- Richard P.


As a first time home buyer, I had questions about the entire process. I met with Keith at a location that was central to our locations. From day one, Keith displayed a PROFESSIONAL and CARING demeanor. I told Keith that I was nervous about the process as I didn’t know what to expect. Keith put me at ease and explained each step of the home buying process. Keith asked what I was looking for in a property and the location. I gave Keith a list of my requirements after which Keith listened as we went over the list item by item. Keith wanted to get an idea of what was most critical to me as a buyer. At the conclusion of the meeting, Keith gave me a folder covering the buying process and information regarding his company. Keith took my information (email and phone number) and indicated that he would be going back to his office and get started on my search. The next day, Keith had sent me a list of properties that fit my criteria. We arranged to start seeing properties on the list that day. After seeing several homes, I quickly realized that I needed to revise my criteria list and asked Keith to make the changes to his search. Keith made the requested changes and sent me a new listing. Keith has been EXTREMELY patient and understanding as I have changed my criteria three times. Each time, Keith was understanding and even made suggestions. Keith has always displayed a Professional and caring attitude in keeping his client’s needs and wants foremost in all transactions. I would HIGHLY recommend Keith to anyone who is in need of a realtor.

- Picky Buyer

Hard Working

I had an excellent experience working with Keith. We saw the foundation was poured on a house in an area we wanted to buy. We asked Keith to check into the property and boy did he. He tracked down the builder of the property, found it had not yet been purchased, found out the model of house being built on the property, found another house on the market with the same layout from the same builder, showed us the house, set up a meeting with the builder, and got our offer in before the first floor was even framed. Through the whole process he kept in contact with the builder, and the builder’s realtor, to ensure that we kept on track with selecting carpeting, lighting, paint colors, and other things. We were calling around for financing, and he found us a loan company (Fountain Mortgage) that had the best rate. There was a lot of things that needed to happen, and I am so glad that we had Keith there to keep track of what needed to be done, and to keep us on track to get them done! I would definitely use Keith again to buy a house, and I would not hesitate to hire him if I had to sell my house. Thank you for all your hard work Keith!
Owen G.
Oct. 4     Realtor.com 

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